Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Learning together, achieving together, working together


 Our Mission Statement 

  •        We are committed to being a partner in the education of our children by working together with parents, governors and community and where all believe they can make a contribution and are valued as individuals
  •        We provide a school where we take pride in ourselves and our achievements, enabling all pupils to become highly motivated,  skilled and  resilient learners, who are encouraged to have high aspirations, work hard and  try their best in everything they do.
  •        We provide a creative and challenging curriculum in order to inspire and encourage independence in an environment where children are courageous in their  learning, developing their self esteem to tackle challenges,  solve problems and grow in confidence.
  •        We are committed to providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment where we promote a respect and understanding of the beliefs, values and needs of our school community.
  •        We prepare our children to approach the next step in their education with confidence and an expectation for the future.


Our School Motto 

Pride in our School


 Our Learning Values