Behaviour at Higher Bebington Junior School

Following on from INSET training, we have revised the school Behaviour Policy with a focus on positive behaviours and restorative conversations. 

The policy is focused on praise and attention to the children who are making positive choices, showing the behaviours we want to see across the school and going above and beyond. All adults in school will be looking for the children demonstrating these behaviours and we will all be praising and reinforcing these by:

• Sending postcards home

• Phoning or speaking face to face with parents/carers about their child’s positive behaviour

• Praising the child immediately

 We have simplified the rules to 3:

  1. Ready – to learn, to listen, for a challenge, for PE…

  2. Respectful – to each other, to adults, of property…

  3. Safe – when playing, aware of risks, in our actions towards each other…

The adults will be using these words when they praise behaviours and when they remind children what behaviour they are looking for. The children also know that ALL adults means everyone from our cleaners, all our Midday Assistants, our caretaker, to the people who run clubs-not just the teachers. TAs and Office staff will all be looking for positive behaviours to praise and reward. We are all looking for the children who are ready, respectful and safe.

The opening statement on the new policy sums our aim up clearly: Higher Bebington Junior School is a place where everyone is valued and cared for. It is a place where views are respected and where children are at the centre.

 Please see the policy below for further information.