House Teams and House Captains

As each child arrives at our school, they are place in a school House named after four patron saints: St.George, St. Andrew, St. David and St.Patrick.  

Staff award ‘House Points’ to pupils as a reward, amongst other things, for good quality of work, great effort or improvement in work and for sensible and considerate behaviour.  House Point totals are collected every Friday morning and a shield is presented to the house gaining the greatest number of points each week during our Friday celebration assembly.  The weekly amounts are then totaled for the term and the team with the greatest amount is the winning House. Each term, the winning house enjoys an additional, extra long playtime with various activities available to them. 

Each term two children are elected by Year 6 pupils to represent their school house as the House Captains. Their photo is on display on the Housepoint chart next to their House record and shield.