Welcome to Higher Bebington Junior School

On behalf of the children, staff and governors I would like to welcome you to the Higher Bebington Junior School website. We are incredibly proud of our children and their successes and achievements- an insight into which can be seen throughout the website.

As a Headteacher and a parent, I am keenly aware of the hopes and aspirations parents and children invest in education. We all want our children to be happy, confident and secure and to enjoy the most formative years of their lives. Throughout the school, we want our children to enjoy a wide range of experiences which bring the curriculum to life and make learning fun. All of our staff work hard to ensure the best possible quality of education for the children in every year group. We believe that all children have a voice to be heard and that their care and education must lie at the heart of everything we do.

At Higher Bebington Junior School our vision statement is ‘Together We Achieve’ and as such, we recognise the importance of a caring, supportive school community in which our parents and carers, dedicated teachers, school governors and the wider community can work together to support our children in achieving their dreams and goals. We strive to create an atmosphere where all children and adults feel safe, valued and included. We want our children to feel confident, to see themselves as successful learners and to have caring responsible attitudes towards themselves and others.

Our website aims to give you a taster of what Higher Bebington Junior School is all about along with a range of useful information. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require any further information.

Samantha Calveley